115th House District candidate Jacobs endorsed by Illinois Family Action

by Laurel Patrick | Feb. 7, 2018, 3:45pm

Paul Jacobs, a Republican candidate for state representative in the 115th District, has received the endorsement of the Illinois Family Action, a group that promotes family values within the state.

The optometrist and business owner is challenging Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) and running on a platform of financial reform.

Dave Smith, executive director of Illinois Family Action, said in a press release Jacobs has "a deep understanding and respect for the right to life."

Dr. Paul Jacobs and his wife Rhoda joined the March for Life in Carbondale on Jan. 28. About 100 people joined the march. Paul has been endorsed by Illinois Family Action, an organization dedicated to advocating for Illinois families.

“We support Paul because we know he will be an advocate for the conservative principles people of faith value and share,” Smith said in the release. “His dedication to his work and commitment to his family and his community are traits we need in our state legislature.”

Jacobs has been outspoken about the need to avoid state-funded abortions and ties HB40, the bill that expands taxpayer funding for abortions in certain instances, to the mounting debt that the state is struggling under.

"I am pro-life, and I will fight for the sanctity of human life as the State Representative for the 115th District," Jacobs' campaign website says. "In addition, I am very disappointed in the Legislature for enacting a bill (HB 40) that essentially opens the door for state funding of abortions for any reason. Illinois can’t pay its bills as it is now. Illinois taxpayers should not be on the hook for abortions."

In past interviews with the Carbondale Reporter, Jacobs has talked about reaffirming family values and at the same time making things easier on Illinois families by being mindful of the impact of high property taxes.

Jacobs has also talked about the importance of pension reform and other financial reforms that can, in his view, strengthen Illinois communities and improve what many see as establishment politics in the Legislature. He has also said his views prompted him to eventually run for office after a lot of reflection on what's hurting Illinois businesses and voters.